Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quiltapalooza Samples

Quiltapalooza is tomorrow at Happiness is Quilting (HIQ from here on out).  I have made three samples for it and have been dying to show pictures of them but have had to bide my time.  I am terribly glad I am done though because I need to get busy on my Christmas projects.  I made a spreadsheet that told me how many inches I would have to knit a day to get Madden's raglan sweater and Mike's Leisure Hive scarf done.

Mike decided he wanted a Dr. Who scarf like the one Tom Baker wore in Season 18.  We had watched the Leisure Hive episode and he was fascinated with the color changes in the scarf.  Be looking for pictures as I make forward progress on the scarf.

I am also preparing teacher samples for a class I want to teach in the spring at the store on clothing construction.   I am having difficulty deciding what would be really fun to make.   We'll see.