Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kill 'em with Kindness

Here's the progress on the Quaker Ridge Pixie Hat from Little Badger. I am past the first set of "ridges". It is going fairly quickly despite the vast number of stitches and the size of the needles. Hopefully I can get it done before next Saturday a.m. and give it to Mom to take to the shower. The shower for my cousin's  wife that I was not invited to although my sister and mother were. Hmm-m-m. 
The grapevine (Mom) says it was because we did not attend the wedding.  The wedding invite said no kids allowed so it was kind of a no win.  I could not reconcile babysitting costs for a 14 and 11 year old for at least 4 hours (including drive time) yet I could not leave them at home by themselves that long.  I also heard that the bride's family had all their kids there.  It was suggested by the grapevine that I could have left my escort of 16 years at home to babysit and go by myself.  Either way it was not going to work.  Mike says I should not send a gift but I believe I should.  Kill 'em with kindness.

Purchased the paint for the dining room and I am very excited about it. It is from the "Bloom" brochure by Benjamin Moore. Cinco de Mayo, Vanilla Ice Cream, Tuscan Tan, and Bittersweet Chocolate. Sounds good enough to eat, doesn't it? On the coffered ceiling I am using a Ralph Lauren Duchesse Satin paint in Oyster, I had stashed. I am hoping it will reflect a lot of light down in the space.

#1 Son's first cross country meet was yesterday. It was a European style race with four man relay teams on a 6 mile course replete with hay bales and hills. His coach put together a freshman team and raced them against all of JV A. They came in 4th. I was so proud. They tried so hard against teams running upper classmen.

Rearranged the family room. I was just a little tired of it. Don't know if it's as aethestically pleasing to me but Mike likes it because everything is lined up and nothing is blocking doors.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pixie Hat

I've been attending a professional conference for preschool teachers.   To keep my hands occupied so I could listen, I took the Pixie Hat I am knitting.  It is knit with Denim by Madil Yarns.  It's knit on #1 needles and my wrists are so sore.  One of the things I really dislike about Behcet's Disease is the carpal tunnel and the RA-like symptoms that for me come and go.  I take Plaquenil and that seems to help with the swollen knuckle feeling but I have not figured out how to cope with the tendon ache.

I found switching projects frequently helps.  I also switch between crochet and knitting so it's a different motion.  Also, I have found using nickle-plated needles make the repetitive motions smoother.  Last year, after my flare I just quilted until I discovered my eyesight and changed and then I left that off until my new prescription.

I am actually uncomfortable talking about this topic.  I have a high tolerance for pain and am very private so most people in my life do not know that I suffer most days.  It's even difficult to write about here because I feel that I am whining but then it's just a fact of my existence.

It's difficult to explain to people that you are ill when you do not look ill. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the importance of gauge swatches for crochet

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As a happy birthday to me, I bought the Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I started in August and read the first entry. I then skipped around and I read where the Mrs. Zimmermann wrote about the importance of swatching. I've made quite a few projects lately where things did not turn out how I wanted them (the trellis pull-over, the felted hooded vest, zip-up vest). I had measured for gauge as I worked but did not make a swatch. I think if I had made the swatch and then washed and hung it, it would have given me a little bit of an inkling of how the yarn would behave.

In the case of the zip-up vest, I tend to crochet loosely and the Noro Himaraya yarn stretches over time because it is single ply and loosely spun.  Had I made a gauge, I would have used a smaller hook or adjusted the number of rows in the sleeves to allow for the stretch and prevented making a sweater that looks great on my son.

Same thing with Trellis. It was made with a rayon yarn and rayon is notorious for stretching. How many rayon skirts have I made that when I hung up had a funky hem in the morning?  Again, a smaller hook and I think a foundation single crochet so that each side of the garment stretched the same.  The side with the foundation chain did not stretch as much as the other.

So, I have resolved to begin making gauge swatches. While this one will not be made a wash cloth like Mrs. Zimmermann recommends, it could probably be a very plush rug for Sam's dollhouse.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Madden the Muse

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Mike and I were talking last night over dinner that Madden has a creative bent and it causes him to request esoteric items to be knitted (like a golf hat, Clint Eastwood poncho, war pain balaclava). Samantha asks for items that are practical and easy to knit or crochet (a poodle scarf) but Madden wants the unique. That's why he wanted the DJ bag from the Son of Stitch 'n Bitch. It's so him - a felted wool messenger bag with an image of a mixtape on the front.

It tickles me that he requests these items from me. It gives me a sense that I do not have a limit in what I can make/

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh, Nuts!

I reviewed the pattern for the Simplicity Top and realized I should have been increasing for the past 6 rows.  I was just knitting up the pattern rows so quickly and not the Inc. pattern rows.  Back to the frog pond.  Lesson learned - do not pre-read your pattern when you are really tired.

Simplicity Swatch

simplicity swatch
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I could not resist sharing this. I really love Free Spirit by Muench and wish I'd gotten more of it at the time. Looking back at my finished projects made with fiber from my queue, I really had an obsession with variegated hand-dyes. Now, I really like solids and heathers. I need to finish all those variegated projects though the pooling makes me nuts.

Simplicity Progress

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I've worked up to the increase row on the Simplicity Top. I tried this top once before and got completely frustrated with the foundation single crochet but snuffykin has a great blog with photos that walked me through it. This picture does not do it justice so I'll post another to follow that shows the sheen of the Berocco Glace. I am making this in the 44" size. I am also going to make it with the optional sleeves. I am not enamored of my upper arms - any little camouflage helps.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I wanted to post a photo my son took of me working on simplicity.  I have since frogged that portion.  I am wearing Mondo Cable designed by Bonnie Marie Burns of ChicKnits.  I really enjoy it.  It is a tank top that covers my bra straps - a huge plus.  It was also my first cable project.

Teaching a Southpaw to Crochet

Sam's friend, Eli, came to visit her during her tonsillectomy convalescence.  He was fascinated with the hug mound of stuff I was photographing to put on Ravelry.  I was trying to conquer the foundation single crochet for the Simplicity Top by Doris Chan.  He asked me how he could make a scarf.  I showed him one I made for my son that was a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf.  He wants to crochet one like it out of cotton.  I loaned him a hook and he chained what he thought was appropriate and then could not proceed.  I showed him 3 times and kept trying to crochet backwards.  I had that ah-ha moment.  "Are you left-handed?"  He said yes.  I remembered that Knitty had an article about knitting in the mirror if you are left-handed so I stood in front of the mirror and demonstrated.  It worked he's able to work double crochet and turn his work.

Now back to Simplicity, I have the FSC down but 40 stitches does not look like it will even go over my head so I am going to move up to P.  I've seen other peoples sweaters in this and they look great so I know I can do this.  I love the Muench Free Spirit that is the contrast color.

Madden's DJ bag is going well I have 8 inches or 50% of the sides completed.  The wool is giving me the itches so I need to change projects for a bit.