Friday, October 29, 2010

Pssst. . .Patchwork Party Peeps

My local quilt store just put 2 of the fabrics from the Maywood Studios Wild Rose line on sale.  If you are like me, I like doing the patchwork party blocks because they good, old-fashioned, use your template and your noggin exercises.  I don't always like the finishing kits though.  I was so thrilled when they chose a fabric line that Happiness carries and unknowingly put 2 of the fabric on sale.  I wanted to share the link with you so you could make your own finishing kit, make substitutions, or buy oops fabric.

Batik Paper Lanterns

Just finished this for the shop. It is made from the most amazing batiks. I picked the turqoise as a foil to the coral but it really glows. I am thinking about quilting it in yellow fireflies because they look like party lanterns in a night sky. They also kind of look like lava lamps.
I made it as the pattern suggested and omitted the large outer border. Can't decide if I like it that way or not.

Really love the Moa Grunge I used as the background. The grunge line is my absolute favorite in quilts. It adds nice texture and depth.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Georgette Christmas Tree Skirt

Fabric Georgette by Anna Griffin
When I first started working at Happiness is Quilting, 2 months ago (Wow!), I was quite taken with this line of fabric. It is called "Georgette" and was designed by Anna Griffin.  I think it is one of the most sophisticated Christmas lines I had seen in a long while. I loved the use of mustard and gray as a matte metallic. I was so excited when I was asked to make a store sample with it. I have posted the tree skirt before binding. The pisture does not do it justice. I a very pleased. Now to tackle another store sample - a batik baby quilt. It will be very sophisticated. I think it will hang in the kids's study as a curtain between the kitchen and upstairs . Help with sound noise and light for when they play the Wii.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day of the Dead Quilt

Sample of Luis Fitch Viva! fabric line made into a quilt and displayed as store sample at Happiness is Quilting
Another store sample. . .I actually completed this one before I started work at Happiness is Quilting. It's a Day of the Dead quilt. It has Our Lady of Guadalupe on the front and doves. I think I'll put grinning skulls on the back. It creeps my family out but I appreciate the humor that goes into the art. I like to see people try to tackle tough subjects with humor. I think I'm going to quilt it in variegated orange and yellow thread with big chrysanthemums or more doves. A solid black back could be really pretty too.

Detail of the quilt. Really loved this fabric because you did not have to fussy cut it!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Square Dance

My friend, Elise, finished the binding on this quilt for me. It looks really fabulous. It was quilted by my friend, Cindy, of Tops to Treasures. This is one of my favorties to make up. It is a big size and looks great and crisp. I really don't like Turning 20 tye quilts that seem to have no order to them.
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New Tea Find! Yum!

Turkish Spice Mint Tea Blend
Photo property of Zhi Tea.
Today at Patina Green, I found a loose tea called Zhi.  It's made in Austin and it's organic.  We purchased both the Tropical Green and the Turkish Spice Mint.  I opened the Turkish Spice Mint and the most amazing aroma wafted around the room.  I am preparing the french tea press as we speak. 

(15 minutes later) It tastes really good.  It is sweet and minty when you first taste it and peppery on the back of your tongue.  I think I am am going to sign up DH for one of the clubs for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quilt Blockage

I have taken a knitting and crocheting hiatus to work on quilt blocks. I have several blocks os the month I have subscribed to over the past 5 years (Yikes!) and I've decided it was time to get something done on them. The above block, "Shroom", is an applique block that I designed for a sampler quilt I started almost 3 years ago.

I have also been working on The Designer Mystery Block of the Month from the Fat Quarter Shop (2008), the Patchwork Parties 2007 & 2010), Web Sampler Celebrations (2007), and Women of Grace and Charm (2008).

I have also begun working on Sylvia's Bridal Sampler with a group of women at Happiness is Quilting. 7 blocks per month for that one.

I also signed up for a Christmas block swap as well as another block of the month called Blueberry Stars which is a paper-pieced miniature quilt.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Viva Vivi!

Had a visit with the lovely Vivian yesterday.  If ever there was a girl with a head shaped for hairbows, it has to be her!  She is so smart and so much fun to watch.  Sam and I were inventing hairbands on the car ride home that I could  knit but Carrie could change hairbows out on.  Hmm-m-m, it's an idea for Christmas.  I'll have to pose a pic of Vivi for you to admire.

Unfortunately while I was there I had waves of nausea only to discover I am having an allergic reaction to something.  Last night I got chills.  Today I have fever blisters.  Hate it when my body lets me down.  Oh well, cast all your cares upon Him.  It was probably just the excitement of seeing Madden run such a great race and seeing Vivi for the first time.  Fayetteville is such a fun place.  So much more so than when I was in high school.

Speaking of Madden's race, he ran a 16:33 and was 44th out of over 400.  His fastest time yet!

By the way!  I found a great new store in Fayetteville - Handheld Knitting.  I bought 2 patterns and three new yars for the stash!  One is a great baby dress and the other is an a-line cardigan for me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So Sorry!

Sorry I have not posted in eons.  Okay, I'll be honest.  This is like apologizing to a diary.  I got a fabu job at Happiness is Quilting and love it, love it.  I get to work on store samples which I love.  Sadly, my crochet and knitting are neglected but happily I am just patching away.  We all know I just piece.  I do not under any circumstance quilt.  I am also trying to move away from binding.  Egads!

Anyway, I am making tons of new friends and it's always fun when you know that it's providence.   I will start posting about all my projects again and of course, pictures of my dog!  He's so stinking cute and well, he's the least selfish person in my life, and that's cause he is a dog.

I am doing this really inspiring project called Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.  I'm meeting with a group of like-minded quilters (the fools, he-he-he) to complete the blocks and we've started a whole other blog.  I am going to establish a link.

I'll be posting pictures of my Sylvia's blocks in both places.  Be looking for more blocks coming out.