Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 4 of Quarantine

Today, I started the fun part of the Mocha Stripes sweater - a series of alternating shells that look like arches in 5 different yarns. Hopefully tomorrow I will start the sleeves.

I also laid out the Baby Love quilt as well as finished the corners on the bug quilt.

Sam is feeling much better now. Her fever is gone. The guys came home today so she was so excited.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 3 of Flu Quarantine

Mantha was dignosed with Type A flu. McKinney, TX Translation: She has H1N1 influenza, ya'll. So, besides having cabin fever, I am busy working on all those little projects. In the past week, I have gotten ready for Cindy, my bosom companion and long-arm quilter the following: Italian meatball quilt, St. Louis block scrap quilt, and Baby Cole's quilt. Today, I am working on, Karen's crochet cardigan, Baby Love's quilt, Mike's snoopy quilt, and the bug jar quilt. I have also downloaded bunches of old time radio podcasts to listen to while I am bored out of my skull. Mike went out of town with Madden so I am totally stuck at home. Thank God, my family and friends have been calling me. But, I can tell Sam is feeling better.