Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 3 of Flu Quarantine

Mantha was dignosed with Type A flu. McKinney, TX Translation: She has H1N1 influenza, ya'll. So, besides having cabin fever, I am busy working on all those little projects. In the past week, I have gotten ready for Cindy, my bosom companion and long-arm quilter the following: Italian meatball quilt, St. Louis block scrap quilt, and Baby Cole's quilt. Today, I am working on, Karen's crochet cardigan, Baby Love's quilt, Mike's snoopy quilt, and the bug jar quilt. I have also downloaded bunches of old time radio podcasts to listen to while I am bored out of my skull. Mike went out of town with Madden so I am totally stuck at home. Thank God, my family and friends have been calling me. But, I can tell Sam is feeling better.

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