Thursday, August 21, 2008

Teaching a Southpaw to Crochet

Sam's friend, Eli, came to visit her during her tonsillectomy convalescence.  He was fascinated with the hug mound of stuff I was photographing to put on Ravelry.  I was trying to conquer the foundation single crochet for the Simplicity Top by Doris Chan.  He asked me how he could make a scarf.  I showed him one I made for my son that was a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf.  He wants to crochet one like it out of cotton.  I loaned him a hook and he chained what he thought was appropriate and then could not proceed.  I showed him 3 times and kept trying to crochet backwards.  I had that ah-ha moment.  "Are you left-handed?"  He said yes.  I remembered that Knitty had an article about knitting in the mirror if you are left-handed so I stood in front of the mirror and demonstrated.  It worked he's able to work double crochet and turn his work.

Now back to Simplicity, I have the FSC down but 40 stitches does not look like it will even go over my head so I am going to move up to P.  I've seen other peoples sweaters in this and they look great so I know I can do this.  I love the Muench Free Spirit that is the contrast color.

Madden's DJ bag is going well I have 8 inches or 50% of the sides completed.  The wool is giving me the itches so I need to change projects for a bit.

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