Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pixie Hat

I've been attending a professional conference for preschool teachers.   To keep my hands occupied so I could listen, I took the Pixie Hat I am knitting.  It is knit with Denim by Madil Yarns.  It's knit on #1 needles and my wrists are so sore.  One of the things I really dislike about Behcet's Disease is the carpal tunnel and the RA-like symptoms that for me come and go.  I take Plaquenil and that seems to help with the swollen knuckle feeling but I have not figured out how to cope with the tendon ache.

I found switching projects frequently helps.  I also switch between crochet and knitting so it's a different motion.  Also, I have found using nickle-plated needles make the repetitive motions smoother.  Last year, after my flare I just quilted until I discovered my eyesight and changed and then I left that off until my new prescription.

I am actually uncomfortable talking about this topic.  I have a high tolerance for pain and am very private so most people in my life do not know that I suffer most days.  It's even difficult to write about here because I feel that I am whining but then it's just a fact of my existence.

It's difficult to explain to people that you are ill when you do not look ill. 

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