Monday, January 4, 2010



The January socks for Loumms' Year of Socks are Caliente and Court Line. I finished one Caliente sock today. It seemed a little big so I washed it in cold water on delicate and it lightly felted it and removed my "ladders" created by changing needles. It is the first time that I made a toe up sock. Frankly, it was just my second pair of socks.

I am very excited to be using my new Kollage square DPN's (double-pointed needles). I got the medium length ones and they are a little awkward. I have poky ends I have to work around. I think I'll acquire the short ones too.

I washed Madden's Masonic Lodge socks and to help the ladders disappear and he likes them. He has planned an outfit to wear around them. Thursday, he says.

Now that I made Mike a scarf he says I never have to knit him anything else. He has not desire to wear socks made from imported wool. White cotton socks are fine. He can't see his way to $30 socks. I have made him all the hats he needs. Nevertheless, I have plans to make him a Mr. Rogers zip-up cardigan and a shawl collar tweed sweater (probably not this year but sometime) though. I want to make someone an Ernie sweater but I have no takers as yet. Anyone?

I thought about making Ellison one but I found a vest that is gray with yellow cables to look like an asphalt highway. It has pockets for hot wheels that look like a stop light.
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