Friday, September 19, 2008

Dining Room 95% done!

final walls 3
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The dining room remodel is 95% done. We began 2 years ago (it could be longer) on our dining room and finally broke down and hired a painter. Boy, was it worth it. Since my flare in January, I have not had the endurance or control to do all the hand-painting required in this room. It really turned out nice, though.

I did a lot of research on period paints and paint schemes. You cannot tell from the photo but the trim is actually cream. You could not make a true white paint in the 20's because the pigment was not available so I went with a very yellow white. Also, the ceiling has a metallic glitter overglaze. A lot of Craftsman homes had pearly and metallic accents on the ceilings and in the wallpapers and I tried to stay true to that. The only place I stretched was the raspberry paint color. That color may not have been available but it was the dominant color in the original wallpaper of the room.

The doors were originally varnished in the 20's with an obscuring dark brown varnish. Then, in the 50's or 60's painted tan which has been slowly flaking and peeling off. By painting it dark brown, I am trying to restore the look the doors once had. Modern stain do not give the doors the "grain-less" look the original varnish did.

There are more pictures on my flickr site, , if you are interested in the before shots and other views.

The paints I used were all Benjamin Moore and I am pleased with the sheen and coverage of the paint. The colors are: ceiling - tucson tan, wall - cinco de mayo, trim - vanilla ice cream , doors, bittersweet chocolate

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