Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diggin' It! - new gardening spot

I visited Diggin' It on Saturday and was impressed with her plant selections.  They were high quality and she carried a lot of interesting foliage which I love for my containers on the front steps.  She did not have a lot but what she had was in good shape and she was tending them.  I'll have to posts pix when the plants fill in.  I bought blue and orange pansies, Northern Lights chard, and mustard greens.  I am going to go back for some kale and more pansies. 

My great-grandmother always planted blue pansies so I feel I need to carry on the tradition. 

She also carries a line of organic fertilizers made in Dallas called Rusty Can Organics.  I bought one that was high in nitrogen that I thought would be good for my pansies and also put it on the azaleas.  I'll have to see if he makes one for azaleas or I should just mix it with old coffee grounds like I always do.

I bought an antique needlework sign and some soaps.  She had hand-painted rocks that said "UNT - Mean Green"  I bought one for my birdbath area where there is river rock.  Adds a touch of whimsy and my husband has not noticed yet.   Can't wait until he does.  My birdbath broke so I am on the lookout for an interesting alternative birdbath.  I thought of some kind of granite or concrete basin.  Any ideas?

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