Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ribbing slog

Okay, the most difficult part for me in any sweater is getting through the ribbing.  I just lose interest.  I thought the corrugated ribbing would be better because of the constant color change but, alas, it is the same movement and my mind starts to wander to more pressing matters like paint color for the master bedroom.

I am about 2/3 of the way through the corrugated ribbing on the bottom of the paper doll sweater and the good news is that it's in the round so I am not faced with doing the ribbing again for the front.  I am slogging though away while listening to my old-time radio podcasts.  My favorite is Great Detectives of Old Time Radio with Adam Graham, Old Time Radio Dragnet with Adam Graham, and Case Closed!.  You can get all of them through ITunes.  I loved Radio Detective Story Hour with Jim Widner but he has not been able to keep up with it lately.  He would give background and historical information on the different radio detectived as well as critiques.

I would love to find a great doctor who to listen to.  Speaking of which DH has requested an episode 18 leisure hive scarf.  The original was made from chenille and he is not a chenille kind of guy.  I am thinking berroco comfort but have not selected color choices that would replicate it well.

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