Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tree Skirt Update

I am making the Tree Skirt from Fast and Furious Holiday by G.E. Designs.  It is a "quilt as you go" design.  It looks really great but the "early" seams were popping open.  I increased my sea allowance to 3/8 about halfway through and that stopped later seams from coming open but I was afraid of what would happen when hung in the shop.

I asked my friend, Cindy, or Tops to Treasures, and Timi Ann what they would do.  They both suggested independently to sew crazy quilt stitches over the seams.  Specifically, Timi Ann suggested I used 60 weight thread in the bobbin and machine embroidery thread in the top.  Cindy suggested gold to make the gold tree section pop and a white or gray to make those areas recede.

I did as they suggested and it turned out really nice except for one area where the thread caught and the stitches are bunched together.  I tried to rip out the stitches and start over but the stitches were too dense.  I will just have to leave it

I am going to use bias binding.  I found really great instructions here for it at Anka's Treasures blog.

I will post a picture of the sticthes and binding when I get it done.

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